• "I love caring for my clients, meeting new people, and making sure my clients are happy."
    Kanika, Aide
  • "She helps me with laundry and does some cooking and shopping for me. She spends time with me and talks to me. She's nice and treats people well."
    Dasha, Client
  • "My favorite part of being an aide is putting smiles on people’s faces and making sure they are comfortable in their own homes."
    Shiwanna, Aide
  • "Shiwanna is the kindest person I have ever met. She is always upbeat and willing to do whatever I need."
    Carol, Client
  • "It is a blessing for me to work for Robert and Nancy. They have encouraged me to go back to school, empowering me to move forward in my life. I learn so much from them."
    Kenny, Aide
  • "The business owner addresses any issue we have herself. It is great to have an agency that is local. The employees have a passion for their work and go above and beyond. I love Kenny's stability, kindness, compassion, and sense of humor. We are very comfortable with him, and we are more like family. I recommend Aiding Hearts whole-heartedly."
    Nancy, Client's Wife
  • "Kenny is my mobility. He's my left-hand man."
    Robert, Client
  • "Mary brought me out of a slump. She helped me live again...really live. I look at Mary as a daughter."
    Lora, Client